Support for Verification Texts

Curious if your Unlisted number can receive verification texts for two-factor authentication (2FA)? In short, it depends.

We deliver all messages sent to your number

On our side, we support receiving any text message that is sent to your number. In fact, we are one of the few second phone number apps that supports short codes as well. This is important because providers often use short codes to send these kind of messages.

Some providers don't support virtual numbers 

We have seen many cases where services do not allow Unlisted numbers (or any virtual number) to be used to verify the account. This is done in the name of fraud prevention since virtual numbers are so easy to get. 

How often does this happen? With some services, always. Others only sometimes. Unfortunately it is hard to know in advance whether the service will allow you to use your Unlisted number, so we suggest trying it out while you are still in your free trial. 

So how can I receive the verification code?

In the cases where you don't receive the message, there is unfortunately not much we can do since the service never even sends the message. 

Here are two options:

  1. Best option (works sometimes): Do you have the option to receive the code via phone call? Try it and see if that works. In our experience, if this is an option then the call usually comes through.
  2. Bad option (always works): You can just use your real phone number for these cases. We know, this is not ideal.
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